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Zine Reviews, Mostly

I've bought more zines than I've read recently. Where did the time go? Some of these aren't even zines. Pangea's catalog definitely isn't, but it comes out relatively regularly, it's filled with cool stuff, and I read it cover to cover. Isn't that the definition of a good zine?

The Baffler, #14: Good design and interesting stuff. Although I've hardly read any of this one. I should just subscribe, but I like looking for it. Soon after this issue went to press, their office caught fire. Can you imagine what that must have been like? Hopefully they've recovered and more issues will appear forthwith. $7.50, 120pp. PO Box 378293, Chicago, IL 60637

Comb-Over, #2: Comix zine with a funny story about Frodo and Bilbo (or similar folks), a horrid story about toe-flakes, and some good art and stories besides. Includes a free sticker, which in my bibliophiliac mode I supposed was a bookmark, oops. $2, 36pp. Combover, c/o Dave n Joe, 19 Taft St., #1, Dorchester, MA 02125

Doris, #18: Recipes (round white cookies, ginger snaps), letters, and how to deal with your mother's death. #12, $1.50, 4Óx5,Ó 52pp. Saunas, abortions, living around the country, bright orange cover. $1.50, 4"x5," 48pp. Doris, PO Box 1734. Asheville, NC 28802

The Fairest Fowl, Portraits of Champion Chickens, photographs by Tamara Staples, essay by Ira Glass. These chickens are luminous. They look like old-style movie stars, like Coco Chanel, like Bluto from Popeye. They sport Dr. Seuss pompadours. Brainy looking chickens, brawny chickens, bouffant chickens. Some look like Chinese dragons, others more like Anne McCaffrey dragons, some just like the chicken next door. Fall in love. $14.95, 106pp, Chronicle Books

Go Metric, #12: Beatle Bob (c'mon, surely you've heard of him?), band interviews (no, I'm not saying who with), loads of music reviews (most of bands that have yet to crack a chart, never mind the top ten), a Wilco fanatic confesses, and the newsletter of S.P.E.C.T.R.E $2, 44pp. Mike Faloon 2609L Village Ct., Raleigh NC 27607

Hearsay, Greg Cook: A book with no words. If you haven't been to Highwater Books website, now's a good time. They do a bunch of good books. I love what I've seen of their stuff. It's characterized by strong lines and very individual artists. 4"x5," 48pp. Greg Cook. 79 Riggs St., Gloucester, MA 01930

Hey Mister, #s 5, 7,8: Comic with some overtones and resonances from the crappier parts of your life. But it's someone else's, not yours, so it's ok, it's even funny. Hera comes down and messes people around, people work in supermarkets, odd things occasionally happen. Not a superhero in sight. Kelly really likes this one. $2.95-$3.50, 32pp. Pete Sickman-Garner, PO Box 8326, Ann Arbor, MI 48107

The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Writings, Bret Harte: The onetime bestselling author in the USA(!). Standouts are Condensed Novels which hilariously parody J.F. Cooper, Dickens, and best of all, Conan Doyle. $13, xxix, 302pp.

Match, #10: The editors claim Match "Should be read on a porch for full effect." They're right. Dr. Filth gives musical advice (be not afraid, offer yourself up) and someone gives ten reasons to live in the RVA zone (kind of Wu Tang Clannish, but ineffably different). $1, 36pp. Match, PO Box 14831, Richmond, VA 23221

The Misfit Clique, Juliette Torrez, illustrated by David Lasky. Illustrated collection of poems. Liked the b&w illustrations more than the poems, but I liked them enough to mean to investigate further Kapow books in the future. Well made, too. 4Óx5,Ó $4, 20pp. Kapow, 3128 16th St., PMB 213, San Francisco, CA, 94103

Moo-Cow Fan Club Newsletter, #11: Mix of cartoons, recipes, and a history of shampoo. A good zine to introduce your young cousin to the world of making your own publication. $2.50, 24pp. MCFC, 10 Granite St., Apt. B., Peterborough, NH 03458

No Depression, #33: I had to include this just to point out that price and pagecount, you can tell they have a lot of advertising! Lucinda Williams, Cowboy Junkies. More traditional stuff than I was interested in, but pretty good anyway. $3.95, 144pp.

ObZine, Sept. '01: "Free Monthly Alternative News" with ads, event info, book reviews, an interview with fetish diva, Midori, and enough naughty picks to justify the ink on your fingers. Free, 36pp. Dacri Inc., PO Box 37492 Phila., PA 19148

Pangea's Vegan Products, Spring/Summer 2001: Everything from shoes and soaps, to Opus t-shirts, to cleaning stuff, make-up not tested in rabbit's eyes, all the way to vegan chocolateĄtried, tasted, and fully approved. Free, 56pp. Pangea, 2381 Lewis Ave., Rockville, MD 20851

A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions, Sixth Revised Edition compiled by Bill McBride: This is for the pockets (of the multiply-pocketed jackets of the) more anal-retentive bibliophiles among you. It's kind of a trade secret, so don't tell them I sent you. $12.95, 112pp. McBride/Publisher, 585 Prospect Ave., West Hartford, CT 06105

Radio: An Illustrated Guide, Jessica Abel and Ira Glass: Comic that covers an episode of Public Radio International's This American Life. If you're a fan of the radio show, you have to get this. 32pp,

Sweatshop Watch, v7n2: Keep updated on the fight to get decent wages for a day's work. Are Nike honoring their commitments? (No); will Hollander Home Fashions ever give retirement benefits to line workers? (Yes!). Free (or join at $20/year), 6pp. Sweatshop Watch, 310 Eighth St., Suite 309, Oakland, CA 94607 510-834-8990

Train Grease Panty Line: Self-conscious Goodbye to All That-style zine as writer leaves Portland, OR for the last time. Five-day stretch for being caught on railway property -- jumping trains is still a popular mode of transport, and this is a girl who really loves trains. $1, 28pp. Miriam, PO Box 2624, PDZ, OR 97208

The World is Broken, #5:Zine taken from a journal about travel up and down the west coast in 1998. Good illos -- and apparently has good rates for illustrating your zine/t-shirt/patches. $1, 20pp. Bri, 85 Scituate Ave, Scituate, MA 02066

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