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The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories
John Kessel

April 15, 2008

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An astonishing, long-awaited collection of stories that intersect imaginatively with Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, The Wizard of Oz, and Flannery O'Connor. Includes John Kessel's modern classic "Lunar Quartet" sequence about life on the moon.

"A sustained exploration of the ways gender dynamics can both empower and enslave us. Kessel's wit sparkles throughout, peaking with the most uproariously weird phone-sex conversation you'll ever read ("The Red Phone")." A-
Entertainment Weekly

Kessel, Baum Plan

Table of Contents

The Baum Plan for Financial Independence [audio]
Every Angel is Terrifying [audio]
The Last American
The Invisible Empire
A Lunar Quartet
- The Juniper Tree
- Stories for Men
- Under the Lunchbox Tree
- Sunlight or Rock
The Snake Girl
It's All True
The Red Phone
Pride and Prometheus [part 1 | part 2]


Book Sense"One of the best collections of the year."
-- Locus

"These well-crafted stories, full of elegantly drawn characters, deliver a powerful emotional punch."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Kessel is a deft stylist and a master of all his tools, whose range is nearly limitless."

"John Kessel's writing exists at the edge of things, in the dark corner where the fiction section abuts the science-fiction shelves, in the hyphen where magic meets realism. Reading Kessel's wonderful fabulations is like staying out too late partying and seeing strange angels while stumbling home in the dawn's first light. This is one of those too rare short story collections that you can recommend with confidence to both the literary snob and the hard-core computer geek."
-- Rich Rennicks, Malaprop's Bookstore, Asheville, NC

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