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Say...have you heard this one?



Say... have you heard this one?

Table of Contents

Hannah Wolf Bowen
Stephanie Burgis
E. L. Chen
Peg Duthie
Craig Laurance Gidney
Larry Hammer
Karen M. Roberts
Sandra McDonald
Catherine M. Morrison
David J. Schwartz
Janni Lee Simner
Sonya Taaffe

Say...have you heard this one?

The Fortress of Words this a cat?

Say... was that a kiss?
"Charmingly bizarre"
-- Locus

Say... what time is it?
"a must-have"
-- Asimov's

Say...aren't you dead?

Say...why aren't we crying?

A series of questions answered by skilled artisans, wise animals, wizened tree spirits, and women and men of distinction.

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