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Some other stuff we have around the Small Beer Mansion that we recommend. We won't take it personally if you don't like it, and hope you won't either.


Howard Waldrop interview

The Urban Pantheist this a cat?



Proud to be an Immigrant -- stop immigrant being used as an insult.

More of the things we carry: (sometimes in stock, then we sell out!)

Thoughtworm: radical librarian, sometime punk, vegan Sean tells all.

Full Unit Hookup: lit zine.

JPPN: can you make that extra pulpy? Yes? Good.

Kiss Machine: themed issues. Fantastic collection of art and writing. Color everywhere. Twice a year. Git out back and chop some wood. Take it to the street corner. Make a stand. Sell some lemonade. Better still iced lattes and teas. Then get Kiss Machines for all.